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Learn all you need about full-stack Web Security, implement a secure role-based enterprise-grade authorization and master OAuth/OIDC (and more!)

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By the end of this program, you will...
Have a complete understanding of the Web Security model and fill all knowledge gaps
Learn Web Security vulnerabilities and industry-standard prevention methods
Know how to implement an ultra-secure role-based access control in a real-life full-stack application
Master the complexity of OAuth/OIdC and be able to implement different flows securely
Who is the Academy for
πŸš€ The program is great for you if you are a:
• full-stack developer able to think beyond a single stack
• backend developer not afraid of frontend world
• frontend developer willing to understand backend security
We use Angular and Node (with TypeScript), but the underlying concepts are applicable to any web stack. The first 5 modules are technology agnostic - you have 5 weeks to catch up!
Agenda - watch demos πŸ“Ί
The big plan
  • Welcome lesson
  • The big goal
  • Structure and topics PLAY NOW
  • What you need
  • Training outcomes
  • Your first task πŸš€
Web Security model
  • Same-origin policy
  • Cross-origin resource sharing
  • Content Security Policy
  • Reporting in Content Security Policy
  • Hashes and nonces
  • Subresource integrity
  • Assignment βš™
Client vs. server security
  • Client-side security
  • Server-side security
  • HTTPS Communication
  • Tokens vs. sessions
  • When to use tokens
  • When to use sessions
  • Assignment βš™
Security vulnerabilities
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • JWT Hacking PLAY NOW
  • Other web applications attacks
  • Assignment βš™
Application architecure
  • Role-based access control design
  • Application architecure
  • Authentication vs. authorization
  • Secured Angular parts
  • Secured API
  • Node.js application setup
  • Assignment βš™
Core features implementation
  • Login feature in Angular
  • Login feature in Node
  • Sign up feature in Angular
  • Sign up feature in NodePLAY NOW
  • Router Guards
  • Http Interceptors
  • Assignment βš™
Client security implementation
  • Content Security Policy
  • XSS prevention
  • CSRF prevention
  • HttpOnly and Secure Cookies
  • UserAuth object
  • Conditional components visibility
  • Coding task πŸ”§
API security implementation
  • Working with sever-side session
  • Logging access and application events
  • Throttling failed logins
  • Input sanitization and validation
  • Two vectors of authorization
  • Preventing unauthorized requests
  • Setting up CORS
  • Coding task πŸ”§
Roles and account management
  • Adding a new user to an account
  • Confirming a new user for an account
  • Password recovery
  • Managing active sessions
  • Removing logged users
External authentication
  • Main players in OAuth 2.0
  • Understanding different OAuth flows
  • Security measures in OAuth 2.0
  • Authorization Code Flow + PKCE
  • Id Token vs. Access Token
  • Using OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Coding task πŸ”§
Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-factor authentication mechanics
  • Two-factor authentication with Google AuthenticatorPLAY NOW
  • Requesting one-time password (OTP)
  • Validating one-time password (OTP)
  • Setting up 2FA
External user management
  • Federated identity management (FIM)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • FIM providers comparison
  • IDaaS - Identity as a Service
  • Auth features externalization
  • Implementing Auth0 integration
  • Coding task πŸ”§
Each video with subtitles
Growing list of bonuses 🀩
Firebase security
Created by Fireship.io
  • Firestore rules basics
  • Logic organization with custom functions
  • Common examples: role-based auth, access-control list, rate-limiting
  • Unit testing rules locally
GDPR and legal guide
Created with a lawyer
  • Personal data intro for developers
  • What you MUST do for legal compliance
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • GDPR and regulations around the World
  • Using cookies and consent
WebSockets security
  • Same origin Policy
  • Bypassing authorization
  • Tunneling
  • Encryption
  • DoS Attacks
Security testing
  • Introduction to penetration testing
  • Using Burp Suite tools
  • Looking for security issues
  • Using repeater, intruder, decoder, sequencer
  • Further investigation
Recent security attacks debrief
Coming soon! βŒ›
  • Popular companies that were hacked
  • Recent huge hacks explained
  • Reseasons of security breaches
  • Strategies that could have prevented hacks (and and save milions of dollars)
To be announced
Coming soon! βŒ›
  • Your topic may be here!
  • To be decided based on needs
  • Free of charge for current students
What is included in the Academy
12-week learning program in the form of on-demand video lessons + ALL bonus modules
Access to the monthly LIVE Q&A (show your screen & code!)
12 weeks of premium support to solve coding and design challanges
Access to the fruitful Discord community of devs learning together & discussing unique cases
English captions for every video lesson (with one-click translation to any language!)
Certificate of graduation with your name on it (add it to your resume!)
Life-time access to the program
(with all future updates) πŸ”₯
The whole package of €4594 value
just €699 €449
* depending on your country the checkout may add EU VAT (please read FAQ)
Pay once and get the unlimited access to the commmunity and training with all the updates and bonuses! 🀩
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What others say
Our amazing students ❀
Yalon K.
Web developer, Israel
Ioannis K.
Web developer, Greece
Claudiu O.
Web developer, Romania
Bartosz's experience is demonstrated in the Web Security program. I was pleased to go over the first few lessons and learn the theory behind Web Security. All the concepts learned were later put into practice with his great Angular application backed by a Node.js service. Although I'm a Spring Boot developer, I was able to apply all the principles and concepts of Web Security in my applications. Also, the live sessions are essential in this program to ask and respond questions and build a great community. The program is updated regularly with new modules, I can't wait for the Firebase Security one! Keep up the great work!
Ruben O.
Full-stack Web Developer, Canada
Finding a complete and up to date Web security content is hard and time consuming, especially as a whole. With Web Security Academy, I found out a great opportunity to learn about security in depth both on client and server sides. The program's material isn't just a simple support to learn but provides good practices of a real world application. Bartosz is a great teacher and meetings with him and other students is part of the program, giving you the support from a whole community.
GΓ©rΓ΄me G.
Web developer, France
This program will give you a fresh perspective in security for the web, regardless if you've been in dev for years or are a new programmer. Bartosz builds lessons from upcoming web security standards making the curriculum up-to-date, contrasting what others might find on a bookshelf. I guarantee you'll find value in this program.
Peter M.
Founder at Geogram, USA
I am very skeptical about online courses or courses in general. However, I have seen Bartosz on YouTube in some videos and decided to join the program because I was excited by the way it was structured. There were many topics I was already experienced in but I must say that I still learned a lot. Especially the Online Meetings and the knowledge exchange was a real added value and I would recommend this program to anyone. The content did not disappoint me and I learned exactly the things I needed to develop in this area. Good Job Bartosz!
David K.
Software engineer, Germany
I am really impressed with the quality of the materials in the Academy. The content is designed in easy to consume fashion and focuses on important aspects. Also, it is very valuable to learn together with other developers over an extended period of time. I really recommend this kind of online training.
Alex G.
Developer and author, Spain
The program is really well built. It first guides you through the ways a SPA can be vulnerable and the ways those vulnerabilities can be fixed, then it teaches you how to implement those protection mechanisms with Angular, without getting stuck on general development questions too much. It also shows the backend parts of those protection mechanisms. After completing the program I feel confident that I can protect the webapps I develop.
Alex B.
Web Developer, Hungary
If you are looking for a training to take you from just a front-end developer to a full-stack Angular/Node.js, then this is it. I have been an Angular contractor for a couple of years now and still learned some valuable tips for the front-end but the back-end has been invaluable to me for understanding how to build a highly secure full-stack application. The teacher is always there to help and really does care about you achieving the best from the program. He takes time to explain concepts in excellent weekly meetings where you will meet a great bunch of developers from all around the world and bounce new ideas off each other. Far better than the other Angular security courses I have taken in the past.
Rich W.
Developer, UK
WebSecurity Academy is a great place to learn new skills or increase your current. The instructor is very kind and has a goal that you understand all the content, so there's a Community (Slack) that you'll be a part of so you can ask questions (or help answer them), talk personally with the instructor, and get to know the other students. One thing I really like about this program is that it's paced over a certain amount of time. You won't be overwhelmed with On-Demand videos, although later you'll have on-demand access forever, which also nice! Overall, I give this 5 out of 5 stars!
Kenny H.
Full-stack developer, USA
Bartosz brings in-depth knowledge and experience in Angular enterprise development. He gives tremendous value to the Angular community.
Brad Green
Engineering Director for Angular in Google
Bartosz's Angular training was probably the best I've attended so far. He always tried to explain everything in the way when both novice and experienced developer could understand it, but at the same time he spent not too much time on simple things - probably that balance was the most important personally for me.
Pavlo Baukov
Java developer
Bartosz is a able to conduct trainings with a great professionalism. I've attended his training on Angular and found it very useful, as Bartosz in a limited time frame provided both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises and eventually helped me to delve into front end web development.
Anton Danylov
.NET Team Lead
Recently I've participated in a training conducted by Bartek. I would say he is a very talanted trainer with individual approach to every student.
Andrii Tkach
Senior .NET developer at Luxoft
I've attended Bartosz's training for Angular 2 and want to say, that it is one of the best trainings I've visited. Bartosz kept us all the time focused on tha task and everybody was involved in the process. Four days past like a minute and I had a feeling, that I want to stay and continue learning. And at the same time we were able to cover a lot of topics and Bartosz gave us a direction for further learning.
Oleksandr Vorovchenko
Senior Frontend Developer
I had a true pleasure to attend a training led by Bartosz. Right away I was positively surprised with the level and attitude. Bartosz not only knows by heart the stuff he teaches, but really likes what he does. He was keen to answer all questions and also helped with practical excercies. He had everything under control. The ratio between theory and practical tasks was just right.
Jakub Niemyjski
Senior .Net Developer
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Risk-free guarantee
The materials are designed to give you 10x more value than you expect. But, if for whatever reason you will not be satified, then you can write an email within 30 days since your purchase to bartosz@websecurity-academy.com and I will give you money back.
My goal is to help you and give as much value as possible.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long do I have my membership in the program?
You receive a life-time membership in the program. It also means that if the program is extended with the new modules in the future, you will have the access to it, without any additional costs.
Do you provide any guarantee?
Yes, I do. Academy offers 30 days money-back guarantee. If you don't find the program fitting your needs after 30 days of your purchase, you can ask for the refund - you just send an email to bartosz@websecurity-academy.com and you will receive your money back.
I don't have time to take such a comprehensive program. Is it for me?
In order to take advantage of the program you have to invest at least 1 hour a week. The materials are going to be concise and concrete to maximize the learning and minimize the time needed for it.
Will I receive a bill for later reimbursement by my company?
Yes, you will receive the bill for later reimbursement. That's really good that your employer invests in you!
Is it all Angular and Node specific?
No! Indeed, the main project's implementation is based on Angular and Node.js (with TypeScript), but underlying concepts are applicable to any stack (React, Vue, Java, .net, Python, etc.).
Do you add VAT tax to the purchase?
The payment system automatically verifies if VAT is applicable for you depending on your location and legal status. If you see VAT added to your purchase, most often it's enough to provide your VAT ID to make it disappear. If you don't have a VAT ID, then email me at bartosz@websecurity-academy.com so I can generate a discount for you to take this surcharge on me.
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Bartosz Pietrucha
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